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Corporate Email Hosting

Key Features of our Corporate email hosting solution.

The business email hosting solution is focused on Small / Medium / Large corporates needing an extremely reliable and high speed business email hosting solution with Antivirus and Antispam features.

We also provide complete managed business email solutions on dedicated servers with an end to end business email hosting solution incase of large corporates requiring several thousands of business email accounts.

Our business email solution is reliable, robust and scalable enough for SMEs to large corporates requiring 1000s of email ids. Our business email solution cuts cost for our clients by way of extremely low maintenance, total protection from spam and viruses.

Our Business email service comes packaged with our unique "DESK TO DESK SUPPORT" ie we provide high quality expert support to each and every user in your organization directly over phone, email or even remote access to the users' desktop from our office, guiding them to troubleshoot any issues related to Outllook / Outllook express / Thunderbird and other email clients, setups, etc thus ensuring that your business communications are ever active.

Our business email hosting solution can be used even if your domain name / web site hosting is provided with some third party service provider.

We calculate space on a totalized basis. The space limit given below in not a hard enforcement. One user can have 25 mb of Usage Terms and Privacy Policy while another can have 1000 mb of Usage Terms and Privacy Policy. While configuring the mail quota set per user is unlimited. We simply monitor the total space and even if it exceed 10 percent of the limit given below we simply intimate you but never bounce any email for lack of space.

Suitable for high speed corporate emailing with close to zero downtime. These are placed on our corporate linux servers.

  1. Email archival of all emails sent and recd to hidden email account. An important feature which helps incase of accidental email deletion, accountability of employees, recovery incase users hard disk fails / machine is formatted.
  2. Remote desktop support for all users where ever they maybe in addition to normal support over phone and email.
  3. No limits on email sent per day subject to anti-spam terms and conditions.
  4. Free migration from existing service provider to our servers with zero downtime.

Mail Package
No of Email ids
Annual Price
10 GB totalized
Rs. 3000.00
25 GB totalized
Rs. 4500.00
50 GB totalized
Rs. 9000.00
75 GB totalized
Rs. 15,000.00
100 GB totalized
Rs. 18,000.00
150 GB totalized
Rs. 27,000.00
200 GB totalized
Rs. 36,000.00
300 GB totalized
Rs. 54,000.00

For larger requirements please Contact us. We can provide you with dedicated email servers along with the management of the same.