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Software Development



  • Can be customized and launched within a few days.
  • Integrated with payment gateway system.
  • Includes a dynamic shopping cart, inventory management, sales reporting and feedback system.


  • Enterprise class system that can handle 1000s of documents and users.
  • Classification of documents based 0n departments, groups and users.
  • Comprehensive and intelligent search features.
  • Highly secure system with proactive defence measures in the form of forbidden file types.
  • System can be installed on your local area network or online.


  • Facility to create universities, courses, subjects and topics.
  • Online student registration system with facility to select and choose subjects.
  • Administrator can upload video tutorials which students can subscribe to and view online.
  • System is monitored to ensure that students do not share logins and system is not misused.
  • Videos are saved and streamed from Vimeo to ensure a steady streaming experience at a low cost
  • Online payment gateway system.
  • Online sales reporting and feedback system


  • Placement of treaty for Proporational, Non-Proportional and Facultative Reinsurance in multiple currencies
  • Generating Payments, Receipts, Journal Vouchers, Technical statements, Claim statements
  • Comprehensive Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable settlement system with auto generation of currency exchange rate.
  • A variety of reports for Technical statements, Claims, Goods and service tax, Bank reports, etc.
  • System can be installed on your local area network or online with multi-user facilty.


  • Designed and developed for property owners/managers in USA. However Can be customized to suit other markets too.
  • Single and Multiple property creation.
  • Booking system with detailed calendar.
  • Simple and effective accounting system which can be linked to QUICKBOOKS accounting system.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Marketing.
  • Taxation.
  • Comprehensive fees management.
  • Property owner interface.
  • Intelligent system that analyses your listings (text content, images, pricing, bookings, guest feedback and other paramenters) and recommendations are made to improve performance.
  • Detailed reports of property listings, sales, accounting, housekeeping for property owners and property managers.


  • Loan Management system (LMS) for Triad financial services (currently a part of ECN capital) which focuses on financing loans for manufactured homes.
  • Loan applications are accepted online and saved in the LMS. These are then uploaded to ENCOMPASS 360 banking software (mortgage management system of Ellimae, USA) using their SDK. Loan approval/denial conditions are downloaded and updated in the LMS.
  • Loan applications are also accepted from Sun communities (a partner of Triad financial services) via our API and uploaded to the LMS. These are processed and the loan conditions are available for download by SUN via API. Several large communities have also partnered with Triad who use the LMS.
  • We have also developed a floor plan system by which Triad's dealers can apply for finance for their bulk purchases of manufactured homes. Retailers can register themselves upload various documents online and sign the contract online via DOCUSIGN.
  • We have also integrated the above applications with HUBSPOT CRM and Google analytics.